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Reindeer in Lapland are semi-domesticated animals which graze freely in the mountains and forests of Lapland. There are approximately 200,000 reindeer in Lapland. To survive the harsh Arctic Winter, when temperatures can fall significantly below -40 C, the Reindeer has a highly heat-insulating coat. Reindeer fur has over 1,700 hairs per square cm which is very effective in keeping warmth in and the cold out. The male reindeer can weigh 90-180 kg, with female reindeer a bit lighter from 60-100 kg. A new-born calf weighs 4-6 kg and will typically live for some 18 -20 years. Reindeer are large animals too. The full length of a Reindeer from its nose to the tip of its tail is typically 1.5 – 2.0 m. The reindeer has horns, or antlers, which are grown and shed annually. These are recognised to be the world’s fastest-growing bone. They can grow by up to 2 cm per day and increase in weight by half a kilogramme in the same time.

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