Reindeer antler chandeliers

A gorgeous chandelier made of reindeer horns with LED lights crowns everything! Crowns are usually made to order, variously available in the online store and Vesa's workshop.

The crowns are made from the best horns of deer. However, the horns may have so-called natural wear; the reindeer has roamed the woods and fought the females with other deer.

Led lights are used in the crowns. They are fitted with a transformer that also works with a dimmer. You can see the leaf under the crown or adjust it to the mood light as you wish.

The crown not only becomes the only luminaire in the space, but as an mood luminaire it is in a class of its own.

The Led light does not dazzle but illuminates enough nonetheless. And each horn crown is rampantly unique, there is no other similar.

The crown can be 1- or 2-layered, the smallest crowns being about 60 cm in diameter.

Prices for chandeliers start at around € 800.

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